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City of Fort Pierce, City of Homestead and City of Pahokee, FL
Developed a computer software (Excel) to manage the City Concurrency Management  System within the City limits. The new turning movement site traffic for any new development is enter in individual spread sheet and link capacity for these corridor affected by the new traffic are analyzed for Peak Hour Directional capacity. The contributing percentage of each individual approved project is also calculated for future mitigation. The existing traffic volume can also be updated via spread sheet. For the City of Fort Pierce a total of 
13 major corridor were developed with 42 nodes and approximately 62 links.

Blessed John XXIII, Miramar, Florida
The project includes a Church, School, Office and 75 DU of Senior Residential. Currently modeling and analyzing the existing and projected traffic operations along Miramar Parkway between SW 172nd AVE. and I-75 SB ON and OFF ramps using Synchro and SimTraffic software.

Weston General Planning & Platting Services, Weston, Florida.
Currently modeling and analyzing the existing and projected traffic operations of the Weston Road arterial from Southpost Road to Griffin Road using Synchro and SimTraffic software. Includes analysis of gap study data, speed study data and traffic classification data.

Midway Road PD&E Study, St. Lucie, Florida.
Currently modeling and analyzing the existing and future traffic operations of the Midway Road arterial from South 25th Street to US-1 using Synchro and SimTraffic software. Includes analysis of traffic operations of various proposed Midway Road cross-sections.

Transportation Planner Consultant to The City of West Palm Beach, Florida
Transportation Planner to the City of West Palm Beach, work at City Hall helping the Planning Department on Traffic and Transportation issues. From preparing and reviewing Traffic Impact Studies, parking layout, internal circulation, provide recommendation to the City Planning Department before current applications are approve.

Tri-Rail Double Track Corridor Improvement Program, South Florida. Tri-Rail Double Track Corridor Improvement Program, Segment 5 Project that will allow the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority/ Tri-Rail to expand commuter rail service to relieve South Florida’s congested highways while providing improved connectivity. Once completed, the Segment 5 Project will allow SFRTA/Tri-Rail to run trains every 20 minutes during peak hours. This work includes the review of existing safety conditions at 32 major crossing between Palm Beach, Broward and Dade County and the modification and expansion of signal. For this study, existing traffic data and observation of exiting queues at these locations were observed and a simulation of the existing condition was developed using SimTraffic to duplicated the field observation. This files was them modified on the basis of future traffic projections and new train schedules to simulate future condition and analyses possible queues between major intersections and railroad crossings. (2004)

Toney Penna Drive Improvements, Town of Jupiter, Florida. Revised exiting signal, electrical and striping plan to the intersection of Toney Penna and Maplewood Drive, based on new roadway geometrics. (2004-2005)

Truck Route Management and Community Impact Reduction, New York (NYCDOT). Subconsultant to Edwards and Kelcey. The goal and objectives of this project include coordinating engineering, educational, informational and enforcement efforts so that trucks remain on designated truck routes until reaching the intersection nearest their destinations, and do not inappropriately utilize residential streets. Performed the following tasks on this project. Review existing traffic volume data: 1) At major street and arterials, 2) Truck route sign inventory, 3) Street geometrics at problem locations within the study area, 4) Examine existing truck routes throughout of the five Boroughs in New York and make recommendations to improve safety, efficiency, and promote time savings in truck operation while reducing pollution levels, 5) Identify and examine concerns of truck operators and make recommendations, 6) Examine feasibility, of removing trucks from inappropriate streets and routing to arterial streets and highways suitable for truck traffic, 7) Attend public meetings in all Five Boroughs throughout the life of the project. These meetings provide community members, business groups an additional forum by which they can participate in the project. These meetings served to introduce the project, present the results of our initial community survey, and begin to work with communities on highlighting the issues and concerns affecting their neighborhoods. For additional information on this project please visit the NYCDOT website, 8) Developed power point presentations to outline existing problems and provide recommendation to the problems. This presentation included still pictures, links to stream video of the area in question, and graphic representation of possible solutions, this was achive by superimposing the improvements to still picture of the problem location. (2003) 

Aveccina Academy School, Yonkers, Westchester County, NY.
Prepare a Traffic Impact Study for a proposed private Aveccina Academy School. The school is to be located in an existing unoccupied building. The study was requested by the City Planning Board to address existing and proposed traffic impacts and to identify any mitigative measures that would minimize traffic flow congestion through the adjacent streets. (2003)

Rehabilitation of Willow Avenue Bridge, Hudson County, NJ.

Provide Total Design and Construction Support Services for reconstructing the Willow Avenue Viaduct. Prepared traffic control plans describing control measures to be used for facilitating road use through the work zone. For this project, three sets of Maintenance and Protection of Traffic were developed from a single lane closure to a full closure of the bridge. During the full closure of the bridge, a temporary traffic signal plan was designed for the intersection at Park Avenue and 9th Street. (2003)

Second Avenue Subway Project, New York, NY (MTA).
Developed Preliminary MPT’s alternatives for Cut-Cover, Mined, and TBM operations. Modeled existing and proposed traffic along Second Avenue to simulate (SimTRAFFIC) different lane closures during construction. Analyzed intersections under the proposed construction zone. Developed a Power Point file to link special MPT areas to stream videos and still pictures. This file can be used by the Team to review a specific location for land use, lane geometric, etc. Developed preliminary cost estimates for all stations under the cut-cover, mined and TBM operation (2003).

Bus Ramp Signs and Signals Upgrade, New York, PANYNJ.
Identified and recommended the signs and signals that required replacement for the Port Authority Bus Terminal Facility in mid-town Manhattan. The project has 32 Static, 10 Drum and 4 black-out signs. Replaced all Drum signs with VMSs. Developed a web site to share real-time information between all consultants and the PANYNJ. This web site provided the following information: major updates, team directory, meeting schedule, pictures of each individual sign, stream video of the major structures under study and design information for the proposed 10 VMS’s location. (2002)


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