Mario Fiorillo




Bioretention and Detention Basins Design, Parking Layout, Parking Circulation, Highway Design, Storm Drainage Design, Pavement Design etc....

Mario Fiorillo has diverse experience in the areas of Civil Engineering, with particular skills in Storm Water Management and Parking Layout:

  1. New Paltz Buildings, New Paltz, NY (DEC). Senior Traffic Engineer. Redesign existing parking lot layout base on a new site configuration and propose grade. Responsible for storm-water management design in conformance with the new guidelines by the DEC Design Manual. Evaluated all the acceptable stormwater management practices such as ponds, wetlands, infiltration, filtering systems & channel systems. The following software were used HydroCAd and TR-55, to perform the Hydrologic Analysis and develope the bioretention basins for this project

  2. American Airline Terminal, JFK, Queens County, NY. Senior Project Engineer - Review all proposed traffic signals phasing, and timing. Inspected and approved traffic signal operation at the two new access points to the terminal, prior to activation. Revised parking layout to complied with new security regulations after 9/11. Increase set back and redesign some areas of the parking layout. Developed Bid a Construction documents using the PANYNJ standards.

  3. Henry Hudson Bridge. MTA.  Senior Project Engineer - Review future drainage conditions for the Henry Hudson Bridge after some roadway improvements, and the addition of  a Bicycle Path.

  4. Commodore Business Park., US Route 322, Logan Township, NJ. Traffic Engineer -  Prepared plans for ¾ miles of state highway to support development of more than 200 acres consisting of light industrial/planned unit development.  The infrastructure design consisted of construction plans, roadway profile, cross sections, grading, drainage, signalization design and electrical plans for two new intersections and the redesign of an existing one.

I has been involved in the past on the following Engineering Tasks:

  • Grading
  • Parking Layout
  • Parking Internal Circulation
  • Highway Design (Grading, Profiles, Drainage)
  • Utilities Relocation, etc
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